From The Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed you can feast on oysters overlooking the water they grew in.  

In the deep, cool, clear waters of Norfolk Bay is Lease 170, an oyster lease growing some of Australia’s finest Pacific Oysters. Tom Gray began growing oysters off the coast of his family’s sheep property in 1998, and today these oysters can be found in some of the finest restaurants in Australia.

Mussels, abalone and Tasmanian cheese are also available and matched to Bangor’s fabulous wines. Drop in, bring friends or book a function - you won’t get fresher, tastier oysters anywhere.


Our Bay

With the freshest, cleanest air and water, at Bangor you can eat our oysters literally still dripping in the salty waters from which they  came.

Dolphins regularly pass by our oyster lease in Norfolk Bay and in the warmer months dozens of rays filter through the sand around the shallow oyster racks. Seals are regular visitors along with whales that come in to the bay annually. The water is brim full of sea life. We find a huge variety in and around the lease including seahorses and octopus. The bird life is prolific with thousands of Shearwaters coming to nest on the islands each year.



Our Story

Tom Gray’s Lease 170 oysters have become known far and wide for their quality and taste. Chefs who visit the farm are often astounded by the product and they are now sold in some of the finest restaurants in Australia.

Tom started the oyster farm in 1998 off the coast of his family’s historic sheep property. He quickly became known for creating a superior product, equal parts due to the fast flowing clean waters of Norfolk Bay and the fatherly-like attention he affords to every oyster.

Tom, his wife Alice and their two young sons James and Barclay live overlooking the oyster farm, working together to run their family business. The little boys love watching the barge working out in the bay, but are more excited about finding crabs in the rock pools by the lease than they are helping with what James' calls "Daddy's shells"!

The Gray's friends and neighbours, Matt and Vanessa Dunbabin, are also sheep farmers who have diversified their traditional farming methods to include a new passion, their vineyard. Working together to create the Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed has been a natural transition for both families who now invite you to share in Tassie’s finest food and wine at their place.


Our Farm

Our oysters are known for their uniform shape, delicious texture and consistent quality. As such, they are sought after by chefs and foodies Australia wide. The Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed is a stones throw from where the oysters are grown, so they don’t have far to come to arrive on your plate. 

Our oysters are grown on inter- tidal (shallow water) racks in the early stages of their life which, due to the wave action and sunlight exposure, sets the shape of the oyster along with a nice hard shell. The oysters are then put out on the sub tidal (deep water) lease, hanging just below the waves. As a result of being submerged all the time they feed constantly, growing plump and succulent. 

We grow our oysters from spat, or seed (baby oysters), from 5mm long. We source our spat from a local hatchery in the township of Dunalley. The oysters are grown to market size by taking them through a growout routine starting in seed trays floating on the surface of the water. The oysters are then deployed on the inter tidal lease and finally to the sub tidal, deep water lease to finish and condition. Every 5 to 8 weeks each oyster is bought into our shed to be graded by hand and then moved in to bigger baskets and modules so they have room to grow and feed.


Our Oysters

The best way to eat our oysters are simply fresh from the sea, or with a squeeze of lemon and a little cracked pepper. The best place to eat our oysters is at the Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed, freshly shucked and overlooking the water where they are grown. 

There are many ways to serve oysters from the traditional Kilpatrick to cooked in delicious beef pies, from a light tempura batter to a drizzling of zesty vinaigrette. Sign up to our blog to receive the recipes, collected from the farm, our travels, the kitchen of the Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed and from visiting chefs and foodies.