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Both Smolt and the Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed grew from a deeply-rooted sense of family, and we are now coming together to offer exquisite functions at the Shed.   Through a new partnership arrangement, Smolt will now cater for Bangor functions, where the request for food options extends beyond the luscious fare offered on day-to-day basis at the Shed.  Feasting under the beams, admiring the amazing views al fresco or mingling in and out of a marquee anywhere on the spectacular property, your dining experience will characterise the ethos of both businesses. 

Join us to celebrate our new partnership at our first dinner together.

VENUE: Bangor Oyster and Wine Shed, 20 Blackman Bay Road, Dunalley

COST:  $100 per head, includes 4 courses and matching wine

WHEN: Saturday, June 13; 6.30 pm

A return bus will be available from Hobart, Tickets $30.


In April we were thrilled to host the actors and production crew from the "The Lion". The movie tells the true story of Saroo Brierley, who was separated from his family as a young boy and adopted from an Indian orphanage at the age of five by Hobart couple Ian and Sue Brierley. The film is adapted from his book about the experience of finding his family using childhood memories and Google Earth.

The film starring Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel and David Wenham has scenes that were filmed at Bangor, and it was a pleasure to meet the cast and crew, and provide oysters for their lunch. The small Indian boys who play the young Saroo and his brother tasted their first oysters and gave them the thumbs up!

We cannot wait to see the film, which will be released in 2016.


We hosted our first cocktail party on Saturday the 2nd of May. It was a fabulous evening, with the Shed full of great music by Strings on Fire, wonderful food and wine and a great atmosphere as guests sipped cocktails until the wee hours. We had such great feedback that we plan on having many more evening events, and this newsletter will be the best place to read about our upcoming events, as well as here on our web site.


We are always looking for great new Tasmanian products to add to the retail area at the Shed. Our latest editions include Little Chopper chopping boards. We use these locally made boards for our cheese platters and they now available to purchase in a variety of Tasmanian timbers. New relishes and jams from Country Larder, Truffle salt and oil from Tamar Valley truffles are now also adorning our shelves. We have an abundance of Tasmanian food books and delicious treats including Fudgey, Federation Chocolate and everybody's favourite Salted Caramel Bang from Ellie's Gluten Free. It's all local and we love being about to showcase so many amazing products from local chefs, cooks and artisan producers.


Our pinot gris grapes were picked in early April, and last week our pinot noir were picked as well. The leaves are now turning a beautiful golden colour before they fall and the pruning begins. Our award winning 2013 "1830" Chardonnay has now sold out with our 2014 vintage not available until Summer. We are delighted to be able to offer Bream Creek 2011 Chardonnay until our new vintage is ready. Our Captain Spotswood Pinot Noir is also selling very quickly, so if you are one of the many fans of this original and bold red wine now is the time to buy, so pop in to the Shed before it is all sold out!


Winter is the best time of year to eat oysters, as temperatures have dropped considerably and the oysters are busily building oyster fat stores, making them plump and succulent! As the water has cooled the growth has slowed down.

It's still dark and very cold when the barge heads out to the deep water oysters, but the coffee we give the boys when they deliver the oysters to the Shed each morning helps warm them back up!

Thank you everyone for placing your comments in our glass bowl on our bar.
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We are always interested in feedback from our lovely guests. If you would like to tell us how you found out about The Shed we would love to hear from you. We also appreciate all your comments on Facebook, Instagram and Trip Advisor. It is your word of mouth that brings so many people to our door, and we want to thank you for that!

Landline, "Fighting Back"

On Sunday ABC's Landline played a documentary on Dunalley called "Fighting Back". It tells the story of the January 2013 Dunalley fires, and the experiences of both the Dunbabin and Gray families during that terrible time, as well as other local farmers and friends.

The Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed's story begins on the day of the fires as the Landline interviews explains. The fire burnt both family's properties, Bangor and Fulham, causing huge amounts of damage, making them re-think their businesses and how to market their produce.

The view from Alice and Tom's house as Alice headed to the oyster jetty on January 4th 2013.

The view from Alice and Tom's house as Alice headed to the oyster jetty on January 4th 2013.

The Bangor vineyard after the fires. The vines miraculously standing as all the paddocks around them burnt.

The Bangor vineyard after the fires. The vines miraculously standing as all the paddocks around them burnt.

The Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed is a very positive outcome from such a terrible disaster. Watch the Landline story here to hear us speak about the collaboration and our excitement for the future as our new business opens in December.

Best Oyster Recipes

Best Oyster Recipes

Our favourite way to eat oysters is freshly shucked, straight from the sea. A squeeze of lemon and a little cracked pepper is also wonderful, and everybody loves Oysters Kilpatrick, with grilled bacon and worcestershire sauce.

Here are a few recipes that show how versatile oysters can be. Sauté on top of a steak, tempura battered with a sweet and spicy dressing, in a shot glass with Bloody Mary or with a fresh dressing.